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Activity of Garbionda Sustainable Maintenance

Garbionda S.L. activity is principally devoted to achieve cleaner, safer and sustainable roads in Europe.

We are dedicated to R+D+i, and in the road sector we are implementing the design and technological development of a totally innovative solution that will allow to implement an innovative (and non-existent so far) and comprehensive Sustainable Conservation and Maintenance Service for safety and restraint infrastructures.

Likewise, we are devoted to designing a new business model in the roads sector involving not only public authorities of EU Member States, but also the business fabric of the road sector, relevant institutions in this sector at a national and European level- and also in the field of road safety – and other stakeholders involved, performing benchmarking activities with all of them that will allow us to optimally reach end users to properly implement our system. Therefore, networking in our sector is a key activity for Garbionda.