Environmental benefits

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Environmental benefits

Our implied environmental benefits (present in the 2014-2020 European Multiannual Financial Framework and the H2020 Environment and Transport Work Programs) are evident:

Manufacturing ONE kilometre of guardrail, generates nowadays approximately:

  • Energy consumption: 247,000 MJ;
  • Gas emissions into the atmosphere (CO2): 26 Tn;
  • Slags: 5 Tn;
  • Sewage: 2,000,000 litres.

Rough data in relation to Kms of guardrails currently existing in Europe: (approx. 1,472,700 Km.):

  • Energy consumption: 363,756,900,000 MJ;
  • Gas emissions into the atmosphere (CO2): 38,290,200 Tn;
  • Slags: 7,363,500 Tn;
  • Sewage: 2,945,400,000,000 litres.

The harmful effects of manufacturing new guardrails WILL BE ELIMINATED, since our system allows to maintain the existing guardrails instead of replacing them, according to the guideline set by the EEA European Environment State and Outlook 2015 report, establishing as imperative a drastic reduction of toxic emissions and waste generation up to year 2020.